Thursday, August 30, 2012


The columns of the new 2 storey shophouse at the junction of Jalan Kee Ann and Jalan Bunga Raya are being constructed. Once the columns are up, the side concrete beams will be done before the floor slabs are done.

This new shophouse shows us that investors want to add value to their land for years to come. Hopefully, with these new shops being constructed, new businesses related to the tourism industry can be operated.

Since our last visit, the former "Paris" coffee shop premises is now a guesthouse on the top floor while a Reflexlogy centre has opened.

Monday, August 27, 2012


In 3 days time, Malaysians from all walks of life, creed, religion and races will celebrate our 55th. Anniversary of Independence Day or Merdeka Day. We achieved our Independence from Britain through negotiation and compromise from all Malaysian under the leadership of Tunku Abdul Rahman.

At the same time, we celebrate our Malaysia Day on 16th. September 2012.

Over these 55 years, Malaya then and Malaysia now has gone through many challenges. However, with the co-operation of the three main groups within Malaysia, we have managed to overcome these challenges. We prospered, work, play and live in harmony over these years and built Malaysia into what is today.

Many challenges lie ahead. Europe is in a state of uncertainty due to the Eurozone problems. USA's economy is still not robust enough while in Asia, China's growth is slowing.

Malaysians must unite together and face these challenges head-on. With all Malaysians working together in unison, we can overcome these external threats. Besides that, we need to overcome internal conflicts within Malaysia herself.

Peace and Harmony within Malaysia is important. We must maintain and improve our economic, social and financial goals so that Malaysians of future generations can enjoy the peace and prosperity built by our ancestors in our years ahead.


Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Published: Tuesday August 7, 2012 MYT 9:06:00 PM

Fire razes iconic Lido Theatre in Malacca By R.S.N.MURALI

MALACCA: The century-old Lido Theatre building, a renowned landmark in the city, has gone up in smoke.

The blaze, which occurred just past midnight on Monday, destroyed most of the structure in Jalan Kee Ann.

The building no longer housed the theatre but its name was retained due to its historic value.

Lido Theatre was a popular haunt among movie-goers until it closed in 1990 to be converted into a supermarket.

All items in the supermarket were destroyed.

The fire also destroyed a row of fruit stalls.

Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rastam, who used to frequent the theatre as a schoolboy, was moved to tears when he went to inspect the damage at 2am on Tuesday.

“I used to watch movies here as a young boy ... It was the only entertainment we had back in those days. I am deeply saddened by the fire's destruction,'' he told newsmen.

Mohd Ali, who was accompanied by Malacca Historic City Councillor Ronald Gan and Bunga Raya Development and Security Committee chairman Dr Lai Poon Fook, spent almost an hour at the site.

State Fire and Rescue Department assistant director (operations) Lokman Halim Sulaiman said 47 firemen in six engines and two skylifts battled the blaze, adding that they managed to douse the flames at 1.26am.

“We prevented the fire from spreading to neighbouring buildings which included a hotel. We also sourced water from Sungai Melaka,'' he added.


7th.August 2012

PASARAYA KHELASS located at the junction of Jalan Kee Ann and Jalan Pasar Baru was destroyed in a fire last night.

The local fire services receive a distress call at 11.50pm last night and rushed to the scene only to find the former Lido cinema (was originaly the El Dorado Cinema) converted to a emporium for the past 10 years was burning to the ground. With the textile, supermarket articles, clothing etc. the fire was intense until once of the walls of the old building collapsed.

Also destroyed were the 10 fruit stalls in front of Khelass and 2 food stalls. It took 47 fire personnel and 8 fire engines from 3 fire stations around Melaka to control the blaze which was put out at about 1.26am.

It was a pity that Khelass was burnt down early this morning. The owners of Khelass only changed the roof of the emporium about 6 months ago before this fire occurred.

Hopefully, the store is covered under fire insurance and we look forward to some positive development in this site.

Pity that the years old structure of the former Lido Cinema was destroyed. Lido Cinema served the Malaccan public with Shaw Production movies from the late 1960's until 1980's. Personnally, I lived a stone's throw from the former Lido Cinema in my teen years and saw numerous Shaw movies in Lido before it was converted to this current emporium in late 1980's. I feel sad that this had happened.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

10 Shophouses completed at end of Jalan Pasar Baru

10 new 3 storeys shop houses have been completed at the end of Jalan Pasar Baru and Jalan Munshi Abdullah. They were recently completed.

Besides these new shophouses is the newly opened Best Western Wana Riverside Hotel. Hopefully, the shop houses will receive their Certificate of Fitness before tenants move in and open their businesses.

Costing between RM 600,000.00 to RM 800,000.00 per shoplot, the investment undertaken is about RM 6 Million to RM 8 Million. This augurs well for Jalan Kee Ann and Jalan Pasar Baru as this investment shows investors are keen to develop the area in the future.