Sunday, October 13, 2013


After 25 years of waiting ie after the Melaka iconic Central market was demolished in mid 1980s, finally Jalan Kee Ann has risen from her slumber. It started out in 2008 when the freehold land held by Sedap Food was offered for sale to interested parties.

Some smaller parcels of land were sold and four storeys shops were built. These shops have been completed and are now in business. However, Lot 427, Jalan Kee Ann, 75100 Melaka has an area of 93,000 sq.ft. It was rented out as an open carpark and some retail business until now.

Finally, an established property developer under the Hatten Group has decided to invest a multi-million project on the site. It will have 2 basement carparks and 5 storeys of freehold retail outlets. Slated to be completed by end 2016, the success of this project will influence the property prices around Jalan Kee Ann.

During the night, the area should see more economic activities. Now, it is rather quiet at night especially after the fire of Khelass supermarket. Luckily, a new hotel viz. Prima Hotel Melaka has opened last December and visitors are staying here. Probably, the former Lido cinema site will be redeveloped by 2016 as well. Then, Jalan Kee Ann can be revived to her glorious days.

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  1. Above photo shows some 4 storeys shophouses built besides the proposed Vedromall. These shops are now being occupied.